Saturday, December 31, 2005

Bush Didn't ...... Lie?

Got this from the Chicago Tribune, Seems they set off to see whether Bush really did mislead the country so much, Read the whole thing, very interesting, it's also interesting that this is an actual mainstream media outlet that doesn't seem particularly biased, score a point for the Tribune, and top see that maybe intelligence based on pictures taken from space thousands of miles away maybe isn't the best answer for finding out about things.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Hmm... What next?

The whirlwind life of Scott Peterson continues, as he's now got new counsel for his appeals against his death sentence he received earlier this year. The two lawyers he's gotten are the same lawyers that are representing the Menendez Brothers for the same thing. Seems his high profile case won't get out of the limelight. We'll be hearing about Scott Peterson for a long time to come.

what a waste

I am so sick of reading news like this, as it seems that the thugs that do this have absolutley no regard for life, and it truly is a horrific shame that there is a serious loss of life on the Streets of San Francisco. Sad part is, I really don't think that the handgun ban that will come into effect soon in the city will do any good, there seems to be a bit of a disconnect in believing that banning guns will take the guns away from the evil punks that kill, like they're gonna hand in their guns like any other law abiding citizen. It's a crying shame that these things happen to people, and it makes me sick that I still read about this kind of stuff going on.