Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Violent protests in Bangkok against the military coup

Bangkok Pundit has all sorts of good stuff on the protests and the aftermath. Just keep scrolling. As Bangkok Pundit notes, Freedom House has downgraded Thailand's political rights and civil liberties to a level shared by such stalwarts as Zimbabwe, North Korea, and Burma. (Correction: Only their political rights were downgraded to this level, not Civil Liberties - thanks to Bangkok Pundit for the correction, our mistake)

Regentisland.com also has plenty on the protests, and is openly calling them Thai Rak Thai Riots as it has been alleged that Thaksin, the former prime minister, and his political party were behind the violent protests, a view that Regentisland seems to share. Plenty of interesting info and commentary, just keep scrolling.

The military government, very popular at the time of the coup, has been steadily losing popularity and credibility as peoples patience wears thin. From what little I know, it seems they are making the same mistakes as previous governments in Thailand.