Saturday, March 24, 2007

I think he's a might ticked off

An emotional and what seems to me angry post from Michael Yon, who seems to be feeling heat from some general who wants him out of Iraq. Michael doesn't mince words, and has resorted to short fast dispatches to get the word out fast. Excerpt on his view of the army's attitude:

"For a military that is the first to gripe about not getting enough press–in a kind of war where the press can determine the outcome–it seems fairly obvious that the first step would be to at least make sure there is a place for the press to work. If this were a few months into this war, I could understand it, but to not even be at square one this far in? "


"They want the press on a short leash, even at the expense of the life of a soldier."

enjoy, read the whole thing, here.