Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Light's on but no one's home?

I stumbled on this site a while ago, dealing with Daytime Running Lights(DRL's), and their supposed evils. I myself, personally, are quite grateful for them and wish they were on all cars, as they have saved my neck a few times, as well as i have had a few close calls with poor lighting conditions where if the driver had his lights on i would have seen him and not nearly put him into the wall of the Webster tube. Also, if it's close to dusk or dawn, and you are driving with the sun behind you, you cant see the cars in your mirror, but the lights from the DRL's shine through and are much more visible. The website really isn't all that fantastic at supporting their claims, actually, they are really poor at doing anything more than just spouting hate towards DRL's and the manufacturers who use them, but give almost no evidence to support their claims. Their arguments are also very easily picked apart by anyone with common sense and a mechanic's brain. I don't know about anyone else, but i like DRL's, any thoughts anyone?

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