Sunday, January 01, 2006

CS Lewis, religious?

Well, I got the opportunity to see the new Narnia movie last night, and i must say, i was very impressed, and enjoyed the movie very much, even though as my co worker put it, it was a bit of a kids film, but having the religious perspective i do, it actually made me really reflect a lot more on the Christ Representation of Aslan the lion. I think the movie did a fantastic job of relating the story of Christ, and I actually gained a little extra insight on my own understanding of the story, and made me appreciate my beliefs a lot more. We got on the subject with the in laws a few days ago about some of the Anti Christian criticism, and it was stated about one criticism heard that said something like "shoving Christ in through the back door". I don't know if that actual comment has been made, as i can't find it, but here's what I feel to say about Christ in the book. I don't think he was put in through the back door. He was full blown right through the front door and on center stage, and I don't think that there's anything wrong with that. In the states we often talk about free speech, but often only when it suits us, especially, it semms, in Hollywood, the controversy regarding Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ was quite heated as well, and I can imagine there were many people who fought against it. So what? don't like it? don't go watch it, no one is forcing you to go and pay good money to sit down and watch it. It's nice to hear other references to Christ other than the ones I hear uttered in vain and crude cursings from my co workers. Go and watch it, very good, and if you get the Christ references, great, read the Bible if you like it, and if not, enjoy the fact it's a decent flick.

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