Tuesday, March 13, 2007

We're being swindled

Update: Google video moved it, but you have to go through other sites to find it. See it here

Update: Google video has mysteriously disappeared. sorry. I don't know why.

I've been agreeing with the above statement for years, in regards to global warming. What I was reading in the news, and seeing on TV, and seeing on the internet did not add up. The more I looked, the worse it got. I watched this last night, and it answered a lot of questions. Funnily enough, it even said things I'd begun to observe, but I really don't think it has caught on yet, namely that Environmentalism is becoming a religion. Some people even compare Al Gore to Jesus Christ. I'm not even going to go there on the extreme issues with that one. If you can find a way to watch the documentary, watch it. It's very good. Even Patrick Moore, Co founder of GreenPeace, speaks out against it, saying that environmentalism has been flooded with extreme left pro Marxist anti capitalist poltitical activists who learned how to use green language to their advantage. When people like that talk, I start to listen.
Google video, here.

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