Monday, April 30, 2007

Greatest movie car chase of all time?

Via Michael Silence of KnoxNews No Silence Here. The nominees are Bullitt, The French Connection, The Seven-Ups, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, The Blues Brothers, The Road Warrior, To Live and Die in LA, Ronin, and The Bourne Identity.

I voted for Ronin, one of my favorite movies, although it wasn't an easy decision - Bullitt and The Road Warrior were my other considerations, I could have gone with any of them but settled with Ronin for sheer, gutsy driving and superb editing. I liked The Bourne Identity but was surprised to see it as a nominee in this list, that was a nice car chase scene but I've seen better. And not a single nomination from any of the Bond movies? Sure, most of them are pretty unrealistic, but what about the famous chase scene from From Your Eyes Only where Bond and Melina escape the bad guys in a beat up Citroen after Bond's Lotus is blown up. Or the car chase through the streets of Bangkok in The Man With the Golden Gun? One of the most memorable chase scenes in Bond films is the boats through the waterways of Louisiana in Live and Let Die, but then again those are boats and not cars.

Anyways, just surprised to not see a single Bond movie mention in this poll.

Currently Bullitt is the clear favorite at 36% of the vote. The Blues Brothers is in at number 2 and Ronin at number 3.

Hat tip to Instapundit.

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