Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I can't remember why I voted for him.....

Well, well and truly into Arnie's 2nd term and I really have to say I've lost any and all respect for his work as the governator after he's declared that the state will sue the EPA for not acting on the request to allow California to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. While I'm no fan of the EPA of federalism, this practice of suing it so that California gets to regulate an unproven theory the earth going through a warming trend is foolish, and a very bad use of state funds. He's pulled quite a few environmental headline grabbers lately, and I'm wondering if he's always been this way and hidden it, or he's flipped on the environmental agenda. His agenda was to clean up the fiscal mess of California, and bring it back to a well run state. Last I heard it was still in a big mess.

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SwizStick said...

Arnold's always been a big environmental guy - New West Notes did a run down of Arnold's history in government and he has always been very pro-environment from the beginning.

At 60%+ approval rate, he seems to be in line with what Californians want to do, or at least hear - CA has always been known as a "Green" state and pro-environment. Arnold's pro-green policies are very popular here in CA.

As for the fiscal mess, we Californians don't seem to mind it too much judging from voting results. They say you are what you eat - well, California is what we vote, we voted these people into power who have ruined California fiscally and we continue to vote for measures and laws that only make the situation worse or at best static.