Tuesday, April 18, 2006

And they call themselves "liberal".....

Sigh......it's because of things like this that I abandoned any hope for the so-called "open minded", "tolerant", "progressive", "peaceful", left.

That's not to say those on the extreme right don't exhibit similar behavior, they do, but I find it to be far more pervasive amongst self described peace-loving "liberals", especially when someone dares to have the audacity to challenge their views or call them out on despicable behavior.

Check the comments section under the "peaceful" link above where a number of commenters have chastised the author for his overly hateful post. But my favorite one, and the one that captures my sentiments exactly:

Some of the comments here prove something I've thought for a while.

America is dead. We have destroyed ourselves from within. We are two tribes, left vs. right, divided by hate so bitter and extreme it seems civil war is on our doorstep.

Think I'll look into real estate on the moon. This planet sucks.

Amen, brother, amen. But don't give up hope yet - there are plenty of us rational types out there who actually believe we can discuss and solve problems in a rational manner with each other, regardless of whether that person is "left", "right", or "center". We may not make for exciting news or charged commentary, but we are out there.

Sigh....more evidence to support my point about the so-called "liberal" left.....:
The people who held different opinions than I remained my neighbors, family, friends. They were 'good people' -- sometimes we agreed, sometimes not, but that was part of life. We would respect each other's differences and get along - and it never occurred to us to do otherwise.

In the past couple of years that has been turned on its head. I used to think I could never hate anyone. But I am constantly surprised at how much hate I am now capable of feeling for some of my 'fellow Americans' -- it is even hard to write that phrase. And every day it is more. I despise them, I loathe them, I resent that they are even sharing my country. I cannot comprehend how utterly stupid they must be to believe the pap thrown at them which they then parrot back at us. I no longer even want to TRY and get along. I hate them. I don't know if I will ever be able to forgive them for what they have done to America - but I'm sure I will never forget it.

I read a comment yesterday, I forget the exact words, but to this effect: They are eagerly, willingly just handing over their freedoms -- freedoms that generations of Americans (including many of my ancestors) fought and died to give them. And when we object, when we protest, when we try to defend our Constitution - they glance over at us and hiss, 'Traitor!'.

Yes, I hate them to the bottom of my soul.

From an anonymous poster from the same website linked to above.

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