Monday, April 17, 2006

Hugh Hewitt interviews Austin Bay

Austin Bay comments on the criticism facing Rumsfeld as well as dealing with Iran. Read it here.
Excerpt on Rumsfeld:

I'm really not too upset about what they have to say, and as I told your
producer earlier when he called me to ask me if I could be on the show, I said
I'm not a particular Rumsfeld fan. I thought from the beginning that someone
like Rich Armitage ought to be Secretary of Defense. But at the same time, I'm
not by any means a hyper-critic of Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, either.

Excerpt on Iran:

I think a more answerable format is, do we have the capacity to sufficiently
damage their capabilities to produce nuclear weapons, or chemical weapons. Now
that's the way I would prefer to answer it, to sufficiently damage it. And my
answer to that is yes. We have the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, and then you can
work in some of the Special Operations capabilities of the Army and Marines,
have the extraordinary capacity to both identify where the most likely special
weapons producing targets and damage them. Now does that mean put them totally
out of commission? No. Does it mean setting back their production timetable?
Yes. Now that is a different question, though, from...and this has to be
answered in the political context, from what are the results of that strike?
Again, it is not a guarantee that you will stop it. However, can you put a brake
on their means of building these weapons? And the answer to that is yes.

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