Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Immigration laws still not right

With the latest immigration laws being discussed, it still seems they are missing the issue. With the latest string suggesting amnesty for 10 million illegals, and then tightening the borders down, what in the world are they thinking? Nothing will change, and our borders will still be as porous as ever. I see these things going on as my worries about getting my wife's visa increase, not decrease, with the possibility of new laws on the books. It seems that France is realizing the situation they're in. We still aren't. The demonstrations across the states showing such great "sympathy" for the illegal immigrants that exist there, really miss the point at any rate. We've got a serious problem, and it needs to be addressed. Seems the easiest solution would be to ignore it, or the 2nd easiest, grant everyone legal status and start over. What a joke. We should allow everyone illegal to apply for legal status, and the ones who don't, should be deported. Then, we should start cracking down on border crossings. No walls, but patrols and real plans to make the rules stick. These things need to stop, and stop now.

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