Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Reply to Borders lame form letter from Samizdata

Yes, I've seen this form reply posted on other well read blogs.

There are young americans dying overseas to fight these scumbags. You do not even have the guts to stand up against them on your own turf. By folding you endanger others. You prove that threats work.

You are, to use old fashioned terminology, lily livered cowards with yellow stripes down your back a mile wide and you are being called out on it.

Get some backbone. There is more to life than avoiding risk. Your life has to stand for something.

Borders does not stand for anything except cowering in a hole praying it will be left alone... for a little while longer.

Yes, it is indeed their right to be cowards. It is likewise my right to call them on it.

For further background, check here and here.

Cartoon is courtesy of Cox and Forkum.

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