Monday, April 10, 2006


Hi there. I have been invited by Jarhed to contribute to his quasi-political, UK/U.S. commentary, diesel engine/car freak blog. Apparently he is oblivious to my lack of writing skills, he is far more eloquent than me. I tend to be really good at posting links of articles I find interesting with mono-syllabic commentary such as "read here" or "cool article" or "check this out" - I like to find interesting stuff to read by people whose commentary is more interesting than my own.

With that in mind, hope you like what I have to contribute. Jarhed tends to be far more conservative in the red blooded American, grease monkey, big block engine lovin' kind of way, and yes he lives in Scotland. I am a registered independent living in the Bay Area with a strong Libertarian streak who runs right down the middle of the political spectrum, or at least I think I do. Depending on who you speak to I am either a hardcore conservative who should pack up and move to Crawford, TX or I am a whining liberal who should just stop kidding himself and grow long hair and bang a drum on the UC Berkeley campus. So we hope our differing viewpoints make for some interesting commentary and spice things up a bit, although we strongly agree on many important points.

Well, enjoy this post, because it is probably the longest thing you will ever see me write. Although I could prove myself wrong in the future.......enjoy!

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